Tuesday 18 December 2007

Casa Texidor

For several years I have been researching the Texidor family from Barcelona.

My grandfather is Manuel Maria Jose Texidor Catasus (known as Manolo Texidor), son of Emili Texidor Torres.

My great great grandfather was Josep Texidor Busquets an engineer and artist. He married Concepcion Torres Nicolas. Amongst their children were Modest, Josefa, Josep, Rosa, Antonio and Emili Texidor Torres.

Josefa was better known as "Pepita Texidor, the painter of flowers".

Emili died at the young age of ~50. The family shop he ran was maintained by his widow (Dolors Catasus Bues) as La Viuda de E. Texidor - (The Widow of E. Texidor). It is now an optician at Ronda de Sant Pere, 16, Barcelona. The original decor as designed by Manuel Joaquim Raspall i Mayol in 1911 and has been and still is preserved. At the back of the optician there is a montage of newspaper cuttings hanging on the wall that I was able to view.

More on these later.

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