Thursday 20 December 2007

Pepita Texidor Torres: Announcement of her death: from La Vanguardia

This was printed on page 2 of La Vanguardia on 9th February 1914 (translated from the Spanish):

La Señorita, Doña Pepita Teixidor y Torres has died

Having received the Holy Sacraments and the Apostolic Blessing (E.P.D.)

Her brothers and sisters, sister-in-law, aunt, nephews and nieces, cousins and other relatives invite friends and acquaintances, in such an irreparable loss, pleading that we keep her in our prayers and they will attend tomorrow, Tuesday, at 11am at the mortuary home, Claris, 69, to accompany the body to the parish church and from there to the cemetery, Nuevo.

Also on page 3:

Victim of a long and most painful illness, Sra. Pepita Texidor died yesterday in this capital. She was a most notable artist distinguished in the painting of flowers, a genre in which she leaves several true masterpieces. "To her brother, don Modest Texidor, our much loved friend, we give our condolences for such a painful loss.

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