Monday 1 September 2008

José Texidor Busquets: Enrique Gaspar's Lola

Enrique Lucio Eugenio Gaspar y Rimbau (Madrid, March 2, 1842 – Olorón, September 7, 1902) was a Spanish diplomat and writer, who authored plays, zarzuelas (light operas), and novels. Wikipedia

This post is about one of his plays, performed for the first time in Madrid on 3rd November 1885: Lola. Comedia en tres actos. (Madrid, Florencio Fiscowich, 1885).

The full-text in Spanish can be found on Cervantes Virtual. The play is dedicated to José Texidor (I make the assumption that the distinguished artist is José Texidor y Busquets - as I don't know of any other distinguished artists at that time called José Texidor):

Al distinguido artista Don José Texidor, recuerdo de su amigo, Enrique Gaspar

I found this through the new

I would like to find out more about Enrique Gaspar - Wikipedia has quite a bit - I've managed to find a print version of the book so I'll make an attempt to read it at some point...

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