Saturday 5 January 2008

Emilio Texidor Torres

Emilio Joaquin José Texidor Torres was the 7th child of José Texidor Busquets and Concepcion Torres Nicolas.

He was born in Barcelona at 3:30am on 27th October 1857 and died at 11pm in calle Pomaret, torre, Bonanova, Barcelona on 22nd March 1909 at the young age of 52. He was baptised in the Cathedral.

Emilio was married to Dolores Carmen Marina Catasus Bues, the 5th child of José Catasus Ferret and Maria Bues Catasus (a family from Sitges). She was born at 11pm in Barcelona on 7th July 1869 and died at 149 calle Enrique Granados at 8pm on 9th October 1929. She was also baptised at the Cathedral. Emilio said (as reported by his son, Antonio) that they were engaged on 10th October 1890.  Emilio and Dolores were married in el Camarin de la Merced (Mercedes Chapel) on 27th May 1891 (recorded in the Parish of San Justo, Lonja District).

Emilio and Dolores are my great grandparents. Between 1892 and 1903 they had 6 children and 4 miscarriages. Emilio died after a long and painful illness as did his younger sister, Pepita, in 1914.

Dolores is "La Viuda" of the shop, "La Vda de E. Texidor", to which the shop, Casa Texidor was renamed after Emilio's death (and later moved to Ronda Sant Pere, 16 in Barcelona).

More to come on the shop, Emilio's children and Dolores' parents.


texidee said...

I wonder, what sort of long illness was it that Pepita and Emilio suffered? I guess in those days they didn't have as much medical information ...

Unknown said...

i am jose maria texidor's son, (manuel's brother), i have just seen your blog and your research about our family and i am glad to find information about the texidor. if you want further informations, you can contact me : . i am now living in the south of france
best regards,

Dolores said...

josep Catasus Muino, my husband, born 1932 in Barcelona, and part of the Sitges family would have the same great grand parents? Josep Catasus Ferrent 1825 and Maria Boes Catasus of Sitges.

Oliver Slay i Texidor said...

Hi Dolores

Pleased to meet you...

I have looked at my records... and I know his niece, Anna Catasus Clave (daughter of Antonio Catasus Muino). I met Miquel and Anna several years ago.

I think we share the same great great (+great for me) grandparents
Catasus Fals or Catasus Miravent.

Anna and I are 5th cousins