Monday 7 January 2008

Pepita Texidor Torres: "Lola", a habanera for the piano

Translated from La Vanguardia, 23rd March 1909 (the same issue in which her brother's (Emilio) death is announced):

We recently received two copies of the following compositions: ['Ames qui s'adorant' by Juan Bautista Estradé - omitted] Lola, a habanera for the piano, by the distinguished Sra. Pepita Texidor, whose refined talent holds secret neither the colours nor the sounds, since she is able to handle brushes, with such excellent ability, as she is able to play the piano. The graceful habanera we have just received, edited by Musical Emporium, carries a showy cover by Alexandre de Riquer, on which stands a female figure in a dance pose.

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