Monday 14 January 2008

Joan Texidor Busquets (1826-1927)?

I have found mention of a Joan Texidor Busquets in a book about the University of Barcelona. Within the text it states his birth and death as 1826 and 1927.  This could be in error.

José Texidor Busquets was born in October 1826. In the Catalogue index of the book the name is Joan. In the main index, referring to the text, 'Josep' has been printed. Which is the error?

The Enciclopedia Catalana gives the birth and death dates of José Texidor Busquets as 1826-1907, but my family records and the announcement of José Texidor Busquets' death in 1892 in La Vanguardia do not corroborate their facts.

Perhaps the encyclopedia is talking about Joan? Joan Texidor Busquets, then, is possibly a (twin?) brother of José Texidor Busquets (1826-1892) (the father of Modesto, Pepita and Emilio Texidor Torres) - I doubt this very much. Or this text is talking about José and has erroneously called him Joan in the text.

A brief excerpt translated from Pintures de la Universitat de Barcelona by Santiago Alcolea (UB): [This book looks at the portraits and art in the buildings of the University of Barcelona]

On the 12th January 1882, Joan was commissioned to paint 5 portraits for both medallions (58cm in diameter; oil on canvas) that were to be positioned in the lunettes of the doors contiguous with the Rectoral Office. They were to figure the effigies of José Antonio Caballero, Pedro José Pidal, Claudio Moyano, Antonio Gil de Zarate and Pablo Montesinos, leaders linked to the educational advances of the 19th Century. For the whole set, the painter charged 480 pesetas. The first 3 portraits are still kept above the doors of the assembly hall of the Executive Council.

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