Monday 14 January 2008

José Texidor Busquets (1826-1892)

José Francisco Jaime Texidor Busquets (or Josep Teixidor Busquets in Catalan) was born in Barcelona on 17th March 1826 and died at midday in Caldetes (Caldes d'Estrac), near Barcelona, on 31st March 1892. He was an industrialist, a light engineer, a metalworker and later a watercolourist.

José's wife was Concepcion Jacinta Lutgarda Torres Nicolas. Concepcion was born in Barcelona on 28th January 1829 and died at 6am in Barcelona on 4th February 1894.

José and Concepcion were married at el Camarin de la Merced (Mercedes Chapel) in Barcelona on 15th February 1848.

I know there were at least 8 'Texidor y Torres' children. Modesto (b.1854), Emilio (b.1857), Josefa (b.1875) and also Antonio, Elvira, Rosa, José. Emilio was the 7th child.

More on José later on and his children. If anyone knows who José's parents were I'd like to know. (Yes, Sr Texidor and Sra Busquets...). I would also like to know of José's brothers.

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