Monday 14 December 2009

The Children of Emilio Texidor Torres and Dolores Catasus Bues

Emilio and Dolores had 6 children.
  • Jose Maria Texidor Catasus (May 1892, Barcelona - Jan 1974, Perpignan, France)
  • Emilio Texidor Catasus (Sept 1893, Barcelona - Mar 1974, Barcelona, Spain)
  • Maria de la Concepcion Texidor Catasus (Mar 1896, Barcelona - d.? Barcelona?, Spain)
  • Antonio Texidor Catasus (Jun 1897, Barcelona - d.?, Carcassonne, France)
  • Manuel Texidor Catasus (Mar 1901, Barcelona - Jun 1970, nr Abingdon, Oxon, UK)
  • Maria de la Mercedes Texidor Catasus (May 1902, Barcelona - d.? Barcelona, Spain)
(There were two miscarriages between Emilio & Maria and Antonio & Manuel ...)

I didn't learn their full names until I was 36... not even my grandfather, Manuel... I knew him as 'Manuel Texidor' right up until I was about 32... I discovered his second surname, Catasus, from a book, the title of which I found a reference to in letters from him stored in the Special Collections department of Auckland University Library in New Zealand.

And I have now found the names of their children and discovered some of their grandchildren. My mother knew that some cousins existed ... but now I can say she has about 16 first cousins, not all of whom are still alive.

Every few months I discover yet another story about these brothers and sisters that is new ... I will post some information about what these siblings got up to.... they were the children of the arts/cultural generation. And yet they turned their hands to the more exciting products of the early 19th Century... National/International Sports... especially the very popular motorcycle and motorcar racing, tennis, skiing and so on. Their passion for these mostly new sports somewhat displaced them from the culturally accepted career paths... lawyer/doctor/cleric etc.

When their father, Emilio, died early, this provided yet another responsibility that slowed their careers. Emilio began to help his mother look after the shop, which was renamed to La Viuda de E. Texidor, and which was relocated to Ronda de Sant Pere. This responsibility was on top of his studies to become a doctor.

Manuel was sent off to Argentina to work in the Cork Industry... Jose went to Cuba, but soon returned and then moved to Paris and then Belgium.

After the Spanish Civil War the family had been split up and they were all living in different countries, Emilio, Maria, Mercedes in Spain; Jose and Antonio in France; and Manuel who moved from France to England.

More on their early lives later....

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