Friday 21 December 2007

Modesto Texidor Torres "La Nietecita"

I have just received in the post an old newspaper, LA ILUSTRACION ESPAÑOLA Y AMERICANA Nº XXXIX from 22nd October 1898. Inside is an engraving of Modesto Texidor Torres' La Nietecita. The following I have translated from the Spanish from the section, "Nuestros Grabados - Belles Artes" (Our Engravings - Fine Arts):

In the Salon of the National Society of Fine Arts in Paris, there is the precious work by the Spanish artist Modest Texidor entitled "La Nietecita", which is reproduced by our engraving. The composition is warm and comfortable, the colours are lively and rich, and the factura is supported by a solid drawing, giving the general appearance of the work a charming harmony, and the physiognomy of the subjects a highly friendly charm and sweetness.


texidee said...

Oli, this blog is wonderful, thankyou! I can't wait to share this with Rosabella when she is old enough to understand. Here I was feeling excited about her being the 4th generation of female artists in her family, but she has so much more to be proud of thanks to you :-)


Oliver Slay i Texidor said...

I've got lots more material to put up... some to translate.. and there's a lot more to find too.

(oh.. she's the 5th generation, at least, of artists...)

maybe more.. i'll know when i find out who are the parents of Jose Texidor Busquets!